Software Development & Globalization Services

Every member in our management and leadership team obtained Masters degrees and have more than five years of  engineering and management work experience in USA. We have diverse experience in either big leading companies and government, such as IBM, Avaya, Lucent, Sun Microsystems, John Deere, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) etc., or mid-small companies like ITX, Instec, Solborne, Mister Money, TCL(TheChristianLife) Inc, United States Christian Chamber of Commerce etc. Hence, we know the industries and culture of USA, which makes our communication with US clients very easy.

Our managers and developers in China have advanced BS or MS degree and invaluable industrial work experience. They are very professional to participate in the global collaborative development process.

We use the industry standard software for managing our projects - SourceForge for Project Management, SCRUM process for progress tracking, subversion for version control, PGP for secure information transmission, and Extreme programming and design patterns for high qualify development.