Software Development & Globalization Services

Outsourcing, particularly offshoring, implicates a certain loss of control. A business process that was first in your direct control and in direct eye sight is suddenly performed thousands of miles away by a third party provider.

At Zillionics, we provide our services with 100% transparency:

* Cost & Price Transparency
As explained, our Pricing is Very Low and Completely Transparent . You will know exactly how much your offshore staff members are getting in salary and benefits and you are open to discuss these with them yourself.

* Operational Transparency
Through emails, instant messengers, and our daily and weekly SCRUM meetings logs, you will be posted with the latest update of the process.

* Technical Transparency
As a Zillionics client, you will always have direct access to our latest code, documents, time card, issue and bug tracking system.

All in all, we have nothing to hide and we will gladly show you around in our facilities. This level of transparency also gives you an unprecedented level of direct control over your offshore operations. We are open to discuss any issues you want.